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Be welcomed to my website, . This is a place to showcase my programs. I leave at your disposal my web development projects. , have you noticed that as you were writing your name, the page was updating? The chat feature has been developed with Firebase. In case you are ignoring the obvious, my name is Pablo Ivan G. Soto, I am 16 years old. I'm experienced in technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and some frameworks like AngularJS, Angular and Polymer. I am an avid reader, I am passionate about History, Literature and Mathematics. I love Renaissance art, I am a follower of the Baroque and Classicist Music, my favorite composer is undoubtedly Franz Schubert. As for literature, my favorite authors are Dante Alighieri and Miguel de Cervantes; in terms of modern literature, I enjoy a good mystery novel or detective genre. Edgar Allan Poe, Agatha Christie and sir Arthur Conan Doyle are all great examples. Let's put aside my biography and move on to the purpose of the site. Web Development!



Pong, the famous Atari videogame. I've redesigned to be fully compatible with HTML5 technologies. The mechanics are the same, unlike here the opponent is invincible. I wrote the game inside a canvas tag, which is proper to draw a canvas on a HTML website. For the adversary to predict the movements of the ball, it runs a geometric algorithm that uses the Cartesian method to find the correct coordinates. Of course at some point it may lose only for one thing: the speed of the ball. At any time the ball will move faster than Alpha and this will make him lose...if you haven't, of course. As its developer, I have beaten my game only once, and was due to an error in the AI.


This is an interesting project because it makes use of mathematical thinking. PS-Doku is a system designed to solve Sudokus. If you want me to write a tutorial about this project, leave a comment. Its source code is available on GitHub. Stay tuned!


This classic game 'Tic Tac Toe' was my first project that integrates HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Just like in Pong, the user will have an invincible opponent. Its operations are based on an algorithm called Minimax game theory; It is called so by the Minimum possibility the player wins and the Maximum possibility the computer wins. I must confess that despite having programmed the game, I've never been able to beat him. , are you capable of winning. Note: Toe is being redesigned to complement the styles of the website.


Diplomacy is alternate project that comes with the need for a product for a school activity related to marketing. The full team is constituted by Aldo G. Cabrera Aguilera (Design), Erick Mauricio M. Valdez (Market Research), Elioth Fernando R. Rodriguez (Advertising), (End User) and naturally, me, Pablo Ivan G. Soto (Development). It is aimed at high school students, enabling them to practice the subjects they choose. By integrating it with Alpha System, the application becomes a huge data base, as the user has the ability to perform any questions regarding a subject of study. It will also feature a second version, which is the "Teachers version". In this version teachers can monitor student accounts and distribute their exercises.



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